Eastern Milk Snake as the symbol of life and death eternal


A golden dragon with a grumpy expression is hunched over a blue book that they're reading. Towers of stacked books surround the dragon.

Book Wyrm

A bearded gnome seated at a table made of mushrooms is drinking and laughing at something a toad, seated across from him is saying. The image is black and white

Gnome and Toad Friend

Caucasian woman underwater beholding a mystical glowing orage koi fish. She is clothed in blue draping fabric with small silver fish swimming around her


A monsterous hag looms over a red-haired elf in front of a well that is glowing. Image is framed by tree roots


A ghostly green male figure with a fox head cradling the witch who summoned him.

Trickster’s Prayer

Triumphant female figure standing on a hilltop


18" x 24" Acrylic/colored pencil


Kundalini Dragon

Crow Heart