Here, there be dragons! And faeries, gnomes, talking animals and who knows what else. Stories, folklore and myths from past and present are a huge inspiration for me, and have fascinated me since childhood.

A golden dragon with a grumpy expression is hunched over a blue book that they're reading. Towers of stacked books surround the dragon.

Book Wyrm

A opalescent dragon with a lions mane perched regally on the symbol of The Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter

Deathly Hallows Dragon

A bearded gnome seated at a table made of mushrooms is drinking and laughing at something a toad, seated across from him is saying. The image is black and white

Gnome and Toad Friend

A monsterous hag looms over a red-haired elf in front of a well that is glowing. Image is framed by tree roots


A ghostly green male figure with a fox head cradling the witch who summoned him.

Trickster’s Prayer

Flame haired faerie with deer antlers in an autumn forest

Of the ways

Female figure and blue flaming phoenix

Stella’s Demise – Phoenix

The Fawnling

Kundalini Dragon