Spirit Owl

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16″ x 20″ Acrylic/colored pencil

Owls in general have been seen in every culture where they reside in as animals that are associated with magic and otherworldly omens. In some cultures they are icons and symbols of wisdom, in others they are prophets of life and death.

The barn owl is a strictly nocturnal owl, you’re likely to not see one in the dawn/dusk hours like other owls that may live near by. These owls see, hear and navigate in the darkest of night making them a wise council for when you’re facing those dark nights of the soul.

Sometimes called the ‘Ghost Owl’ or ‘Demon Owl’ because of their pale ghostly face, inky black eyes and terrifying shriek; they can seen as evil spirits. ‘Evil’ in a human sense can also mean, “scary because its different”. The barn owl can ask us to face our own darkness and learn from it, or face a truth we are unwilling to look at.

Spirit Owl is an image made to meditate on owl symbolism. As a spirit animal or totem guide, and as just a thought experiment. Barn owls themselves from a purely aesthetic standpoint are otherworldly and fae creatures without any embellishment. (IE: they just look cool!)  With their black eyes and heart shaped face, they’re fun to draw. This owl carries with it a lantern to light up the night.  A small piece of illumination when its needed most. Its eyes have no shine or reflection, as they are portals into other mysterious places if you choose to look there.

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Spirit Owl Painting